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Anthony Bourdain Thought Bill Clinton Was a 'Gropey' 'Piece of Shit'

The late author and chef continued to defend women in one of his final interviews.
Drew Schwartz
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Bill Clinton Wrote a Thriller About a Heroic President with a Dead Wife

'The President Is Missing' tells the story of an idealized Bill Clinton, without the sex scandals or living wife, who saves America.
Eve Peyser

Juanita Broaddrick Says Trump's Accusers Should 'Have Their Day in Court’

"I hope if these are legitimate claims against President Trump, that these women are listened to."
Eve Peyser

The Time Gun Control Actually Happened After a Horrific Mass Shooting

In 1993, an unhinged man shot eight people to death and injured six more before killing himself in a San Francisco skyscraper. What happened next is hard to imagine 25 years later.
Harry Cheadle
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Al Franken, Resign

A woman just accused the Minnesota senator of sexual misconduct. If he's really an advocate for women's rights, he should step down.
Eve Peyser
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Bill Clinton's Novel Just Got Picked Up for a Showtime Series

The show will be based on Clinton and James Patterson's joint novel, 'The President Is Missing.' It's about a missing president, apparently.
River Donaghey

Drake’s Favorite Lawyer Wants to Change the World With $2 Bills

Bankruptcy lawyer Steve Reisman has spent the last decade giving away "thousands upon thousands upon thousands" of $2 bills.
Arielle Pardes
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Mike Flynn somehow in more trouble than ever, generals urge Trump to surge troops in Afghanistan, South Korea picks a new president, and more.
VICE Staff
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Bill Clinton Is Now Writing Fiction for Your Dad

He's coauthoring a political thriller, 'The President Is Missing,' with best-selling writer James Patterson.
Drew Schwartz
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Trump's Lawyer Thinks His Client Can't Be Sued for Anything While President

The president's longtime lawyer argues that a clause in the Constitution could protect Trump from the defamation suit filed by a former 'Apprentice' cast member.
Lauren Messman
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The Fourth Installment of 'American Crime Story' Will Cover the Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Creator Ryan Murphy also confirmed that actress Sarah Paulson is onboard, but stayed tight-lipped about her role.
Lauren Messman

'Youngster,' Today's Comic by Ida Eva Neverdahl

Being a child is hard for some. Fortunately there is the "Youngster Corn"—a magical being that makes other kids at school like you.
Ida Eva Neverdahl