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We Spoke to Billy Corben and Dada 5000 About Illegal Street Fighting in Miami's Suburbs

Billy Corben's latest film, Dawg Fight, shows the people behind the punches in Dada 5000's illegal backyard fighting league.
Jonathan Peltz

Florida's Greatest Pot-Smuggling Racecar Driver Just Got Out of Prison

Randy Lanier, who made his name as a pro driver before being indicted for smuggling a million pounds of weed, is once again a free man. But why did he suddenly catch a break after more than 25 years?
Allie Conti
this week in Florida

Square Groupers and Manatee Orgies

It was a big week for Florida, with voter fraud, donkey fucking, 15-pound bricks of weed, and marine scientists pleading with Floridians to stop interrupting manatee orgies. Tempting though it may be.
Billy Corben

This Week in Florida - Citrus Herpes, Pill Doctor Sex Parties, and Some Good News for Once

In 2000, in a supposed effort to curb the spread of a fruit-blemishing disease called canker, the Department of Agriculture sent Citrus Stormtroopers to bully their way into citizens’ yards and cut down their citrus trees regardless of whether or not...
Billy Corben

Griselda Blanco: So Long and Thanks for All the Cocaine

Griselda Blanco was killed outside a butcher shop in Colombia yesterday when two men on a motorcycle put two bullets into her head. Despite the location, this was unlikely a beef about beef (zing!), and probably had more to do with the scores of people...
Billy Corben

This Week In Florida - Beware the Man with a Tanning Bed in His Barn

His operation is probably not on the level.
Billy Corben

This Week in Florida - More Zombies and Molesting the TSA

People in Florida are still eating each other. They're also feeling up TSA agents now.
Billy Corben