Billy Donovan


Four Key Coaching Moves of the NBA Playoffs So Far

Through the early part of the 2017 postseason, we've seen several examples of coaching adjustments that worked, some that didn't, and some that never happened at all.


The Case for André Roberson as Defensive Player of the Year

The Thunder's André Roberson is so good defensively that it doesn't matter that he's a below average offensive player.


What Do We Do After The Dion Waiters Renaissance?

For 15 playoff games, Dion Waiters played the best and most valuable basketball of his career. But the Thunder played 18 playoff games, and Waiters' future is cloudy.


The Thunder Might Have an Antidote for Golden State's "Death Lineup"

The Golden State Warriors' death lineup swung last season's NBA Finals and has presented a problem no NBA team really solved this year. The Oklahoma City Thunder finally might have hit upon an answer.


How The Thunder Have Flipped The Script, And The Series, On The Spurs

After getting their clocks cleaned in Game 1, Oklahoma City has turned around their series against the Spurs by changing...well, everything that didn't work.


Dion Waiters and the Undoing of Reality in the NBA Playoffs

His up 98-97 in the final seconds of a critical playoff game against a Spurs team that had lost only one game at home all season, Oklahoma City Thunder shooting guard Dion Waiters had no business being on the court, let alone at the center of the...


​Spurs/Thunder Might Be The Best Series We Get All Playoffs Long

All season long, NBA fans have looked forward to the Western Conference Finals. In San Antonio/OKC, we're about to get a match-up that might be just as good.


Billy Donovan and the Impossible Job of Coaching the Thunder

In his first year coaching the Thunder, Billy Donovan has come in for plenty of criticism. He's deserved a lot of it, but coaching Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant is also much harder than it looks.


Watching the Oklahoma City Thunder, Beginning and Ending

The consensus on the Thunder is that their window is either closing or all the way closed. To watch them, though, is to see a team that's a long way from finished.


The Insane Rage of College Basketball Coaches

March Madness has a way of bringing out every coach’s most virulent


Why Are College Basketball Coaches So Angry All the Time?

Everyone has a pretty good time being a part of March Madness except for the furious fountains of rage pacing the sidelines.