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Too Much of a Good Thing

Binge Watching TV Makes It Less Enjoyable, Study Says

As you like it.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Pablo Escobar Might Not Survive the Second Season of 'Narcos'

The new season premieres September 2 on Netflix.
VICE Staff
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Using a Friend's Netflix Password Could Land You in Prison

But streaming services couldn't care less.
VICE Staff

What It’s Like to Set the World Record for Binge Watching

I watched along while one guy broke the record to see how unlimited streaming affects us all.
Louise Matsakis

Binge-Watching TV Is Making Us Depressed, According to an Incredibly Depressing Study

With 'House of Cards' out this week, maybe eke those episodes out a little bit.
Joel Golby
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Netflix Has Figured Out Which TV Show Episodes Get You Hooked

Now you can know exactly how many episodes of <i>Mad Men</i> episodes you need to watch before you "get it."
Michael Cuby

How My Obsessive Arrested Development Watching Helped Me Overcome My Anxiety

I have watched the first three seasons of <i>Arrested Development</i> 35 times. That's a conservative guess. It might actually be a lot more.
David Queen

I Tried to Watch 40 Hours of ‘Game of Thrones’ in One Sitting

I started out skeptical of the blowjobs-and-dragons-centric epic, and ended up screaming at the television with tears streaming down my face.
Allie Conti

Saturday Night on Zeta - 9711

Don't you hate how television is now a pile of shitty reality TV shows and binge-watching dramas? It isn't what it was 700,000 years ago in outer space.
Sam Henderson

I Don't Care How Many People Watch 'Orange Is the New Black'

Please stop trying to convince me that Netflix should be releasing ratings information. The last thing I care about with a TV show is how popular it is. It just needs to be good.
Dave Schilling