Tons of Endangered and Rare Species Live in This Bolivian Forest. A Sixth of It Just Burned Down.

"This devastating loss due to the fires is simply unfathomable."


Asteroid Dust Could Help Cool the Climate, Scientists Say

A new study links an asteroid collision to a cooling period and a burst of biodiversity 466 million years ago, and suggests that asteroid dust could help the climate crisis today.


1 Million Species Are Threatened with Extinction Thanks to Humans, UN Report Says

A comprehensive United Nations report compiled by more than 450 researchers warns of a dire future for both humans and nature if business continues as usual.


At Least One in Six World Heritage Glaciers Will Be Gone by 2100

In worst case scenarios, nearly half of these protected glaciers would disappear by the end of the century.


Thousands of Poisonous Toads Have Overrun a Florida Town

Warm weather and heavy rainfall sparked a massive breeding cycle for the invasive toads.


The Plan to Seed Life on Alien Planets

The 50th anniversary of "Earthrise" is the perfect opportunity to think about sending Earth's life to the stars.


"Team Rat" dropped poison from helicopters to kill off all the rodents on this island

It's the "largest rodent eradication project" ever undertaken.


We're going to lose a lot of species by 2050, U.N. report finds

Biodiversity and nature are "at the heart not only of our survival but of our cultures, identities, and enjoyment of life.”


The Researcher Documenting Life in Earth's Most Biodiverse Ecosystem

Diego Mosquera shares the lush Ecuadorian Amazon with the world through camera traps, social media, and academic research.


The Marine Biologist Using Big Data to Protect Ocean Wildlife

Douglas McCauley works with tools like Global Fishing Watch to engage the public in the future of the oceans.


The World Spent $14.4 Billion on Conservation, and It Actually Worked

Between 1992-2003, that investment led to a 29 percent decrease in the rate of biodiversity decline.


Sea Life Is Suffocating in a 'Dead Zone' the Size of New Jersey

Sea life could be unable to survive in thousands of miles of ocean.