Celluloid Dreams

The Bioethics Film Festival Wants Scientists to Heed the Warnings of Science-Fiction

The Penn Bioethics Film fest is trying to start a public dialog about the real scientific issues that appear in films such as 'Ex Machina,' and 'Her.'
Cait Molden

Scientists Argue the US Ban on Human Gene Editing Will Leave It Behind

After a ban on germline editing, researchers say the US 'is ceding its leadership in this arena to other nations.'
Alex Pearlman

Dolly the Sheep Clones Are Ageing Just Fine

20 years after Dolly, researchers say cloned sheep are ageing healthily.
Alex Pearlman

A Bioethicist Argues for Engineering Babies That Will Have an Easy Life

Bioethicist Julian Savulescu reckons there's nothing wrong with genetically engineering a child that'll have it easy. In fact, he thinks we're morally obligated.
Richard Wordsworth

Is It Ethical to Grow Human Organs Inside Animal Chimeras?

Even if creating human-animal “chimeras” is not intrinsically wrong, is there an ethical problem in experimenting on and harvesting organs from a creature that is part-human?
Jonathan Hughes

A Bioethicist Explains All the Important Lessons We Can Learn from 'The Golden Girls'

Who would've thought that you could learn so much about life's Tough Questions from an 80s sitcom about four older women?
Jenna Marotta

The First Real Smart Drug? Researchers Say Modafinil Works

And has no preponderance for side effects.
Victoria Turk
Goodbye Meatbags

Should Our Brains Count as Courtroom Evidence?

Judges in the future could tap straight into criminal brains and nip second offenders before they’ve had a chance to do it again, says the Obama administration.
Kamala Kelkar
Motherboard Blog

When Does an Animal Become a Drone?

We've hijacked animals for their non-human abilities since before Alexander rode elephants in battle. But what about when we take over an animal's brain?
Austin Considine
Motherboard Blog

Jacked-In Soldiers and Military Neuroethics: An Interview with Bioethicist Jonathan Moreno

When our brains pretty much define who we are, what happens when you start adding tech in there? And what happens when you take it away?
Derek Mead
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

War in Our Heads: A Chat With Jonathan Moreno

America's leading bioethicist talks brain implants, drones, and military tech hitting the civilian world.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Is Bioengineering More Efficient Humans the Solution to Climate Change?

Forget CFLs, hybrid cars, and organic jeans. Buying our way out of climate change -- even if it's green consumption -- "won't get us far": We've got around seven billion people on Earth...
Derek Mead