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This 3,200 Year Old Egyptian Cheese Is Cursed With a Deadly Pathogen

The cheese, made from both cow and sheep/goat milk, is contaminated with infectious bacteria.
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North Korea Is Reportedly Testing Anthrax-Tipped Missiles

The country allegedly wants to see if the deadly bacteria can survive a flight on an ICBM.
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Indonesian Conspiracy Theorists Think China Is Using Chilies as Biological Weapons

Indonesian media reports have accused China of using imported chili pepper seeds laced with bacteria as a “biological weapon” against the island nation.
Wyatt Marshall
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I Asked a Biological Weapons Expert How Far-Fetched Metal Gear Solid’s Genome Soldiers Really Are

Stanford's Dr. Steven Block reveals that Hideo Kojima's PlayStation original was remarkably prescient in its presentation of future troops.
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North Korea Has Invited Every Member of Congress to Tour Its Alleged Anthrax Facility

North Korea invited US lawmakers to visit and "behold the awe-inspiring sight of the Pyongyang Bio-technical Institute,” which experts say produces biological weapons.
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Did North Korea Really Publish Pictures of a Biological Weapons Facility?

North Korean media photographed Kim Jong-un touring a pesticide factory — but experts say that the facility is likely intended to produce massive quantities of weaponized anthrax.
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Seized Islamic State Laptop Reveals Research Into Weaponizing the Bubonic Plague

A computer recovered from an Islamic State fighter after he apparently fled a battle in Syria contained information about biological weapons.
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