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After Hundreds of Years, We’ve Finally Figured Out How These Flies Can Swim Underwater

Alkali flies have been a fixture of Mono Lake, California for hundreds of years, but scientists only recently unravelled the secret of their aquatic abilities.
Kaleigh Rogers

Scientists Aren’t Sure How Usain Bolt Can Run 23 Miles Per Hour

The Jamaican track star runs a lot faster than his physiology would suggest.
Madison Margolin

This Badass Prosthetic Arm Doubles as a Tattoo Machine

JC Sheitan Tenet wanted to start using the arm that he'd lost 22 years ago to draw tattoos.
Emiko Jozuka

Biomechanics and the Youth Pitching Injury Epidemic

Youth and high school pitchers are hurting now more than ever. Now some companies are trying to bring the biomechanics technology used by the pros, like wearables and motion capture, to homes and schools.
Ben Berkon
Motherboard Blog

Chomp on This, Chumps: The T. Rex Had the Strongest Jaws of Any Land Animal Ever

It’s official. The _Tyrannosaurus rex_ had the strongest flesh-and-bone slaughtering bite of any terrestrial animal alive or extinct. Doesn’t that make you want to munch and suck down a raw steak while putting your arms inside your shirt and doing...
Motherboard Blog

Research Shows Frogs Really Have Springs For Legs

It's the stuff of proverbs: Don't judge a frog's leap by its muscles. Or something like that. New research shows that frogs' prodigious jumping ability isn't so much a factor of how beefy their leg muscles are. Instead, frogs' physiology allows them to...
Derek Mead