Biosphere 2


Setting the Record Straight About the Biosphere 2

An original member of the crew who locked himself in the Biosphere 2 for two years clarifies inaccuracies about the project.


Biosphere 2 Was Science, Not a Stunt

“Statements about 'failure' and things 'going wrong' inevitably follow based on the incorrect statement of purpose.”


A 21st Century 'Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth'

The strange story of a decades-long quest to recreate Earth in miniature and why it’s integral to our future as a species on and off the planet.


The Strange History of Steve Bannon and the Biosphere 2 Experiment

Here’s what happened when Trump’s chief strategist was given a mock Earth.


The Author Who Predicted Earth’s Bleak Future Is Back

Environmental doomsayer TC Boyle discusses his new novel 'Terranauts', based on the real-life Biosphere 2 experiment.


The Challenge of Recreating Earth

If humanity is ever going to expand beyond Earth, we’ll need to figure SimEarth out.