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'Anthem' Players Are Boycotting the Game to Bring Back a Bug that Made It Better

A bug brought a "lootshower" to 'Anthem,' and now players plan to boycott a game they already bought to bring it back.
Matthew Gault

Austin, Patrick, and Cado Need to Talk About 'Anthem' ASAP. For 90 Minutes.

This is a weird video game.
Patrick Klepek

'Anthem' Could Be Great Someday. Today Is Not That Day.

I was ready for 'Anthem' to be my Destiny, splitting the difference between dropping colored objects and telling cool stories. It feels great to fly, but it has a long way to go.
Patrick Klepek
Video Games

'Anthem' Is a Hot Mess

Three big reasons why BioWare's online mech shooter still feels like it's fighting the player just days before its February 22 wide release.
Jordan Pearson
Emanuel Maiberg
E3 2018

Bethesda Knew How to Satisfy Skeptical Fans at E3. BioWare Didn't.

If you don't want 'Anthem,' what's a BioWare fan to do? Facing the same problem with 'Fallout 76,' Bethesda came up with a solution: give them what they want.
Patrick Klepek

'Anthem,' 'Cyberpunk 2077,' 'Battlefield V' and Much More From E3 2018

On the first official day of E3 2018, we saw many, many games and met LA Rob.
Danielle Riendeau
Neverwinter Nights

Why 'Neverwinter Nights' Remains the Most Faithful D&D Adaptation Ever Made

Revisiting the virtual homes built at the crossroads of PC and tabletop role-playing.
Bruno Dias

'Baldur's Gate II' Asked an Enduring, Troubling Question About Justice

The quest to capture the Planar Sphere in 'Baldur's Gate 2' makes even more sense in the shakier, murkier world of 2017.
Cameron Kunzelman

We Talk EA Woes, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Race, and Sexism with Manveer Heir

Waypoint Radio welcomes veteran game developer Manveer Heir to the podcast.
Danielle Riendeau

The Former Project Director of Mass Effect Is Back at BioWare

Hudson replaces outgoing general manager Aaryn Flynn, who has been with the developer since 2000.
Jordan Mallory
E3 2017

'Anthem' Shows A Very Different Side of Bioware

The RPG studio is working off-menu for this one, and I'm not sure how the dish will turn out.
Cameron Kunzelman
Kiss and Tell

Romance in Video Games Can Sometimes Be Best Expressed Through Words Alone

‘Night in the Woods’ is a rare example of a game that convincingly shows a relationship in motion, even when its partners are apart.
Kate Gray