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This woman pays drug users not to have kids

Amanda Pisetzner

I Brought DuPont to Trial for its Toxic Pesticide

It was causing babies to be born without eyes.
James L. Ferraro
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Christine Curry Is Helping Expecting Mothers With Zika Prepare For an Uncertain Future

The Florida doctor is one of the leaders in the fight against the debilitating disease.
Meredith Rutland Bauer
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Got So Much Wrong About Late-Term Abortions

The final presidential debate brought the issue to a head.
Kaleigh Rogers
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A New Study Says if You Were a Premature Baby You're More Likely to Be a Poor Adult

Among other things, they're more likely to be virgins well into their thirties.
Mike Pearl

How the Politics of Abortion Could Affect Women Who Want to Be Tested for the Zika Virus

US officials are scrambling to deal with the potential spread of the virus, and some fear that the anti-abortion political climate will make things more complicated for pregnant women who want to be tested for it.
Mona Gable and Maggie Puniewska

The CDC Is Now Certain That Zika Virus Causes Microcephaly and Other Severe Birth Defects

The US health agency confirmed that the mosquito-borne virus causes babies to have abnormally small heads, and said it could just be “the tip of the iceberg.”
Sydney Lupkin

Zika Virus Might Have Been Sexually Transmitted in 14 Cases in the US

The CDC said that in two of 14 suspected cases, the infection was confirmed in women whose only known risk factor was sexual contact with an ill male partner who had recently traveled to an area where the virus is present.
Reuters News Agency

Here’s What You Should Know About the Zika Virus

It came from Africa, it's spreading through the Americas, and it may turn out to be a big deal. What is Zika, what does it do to you, and how can you prevent exposure to it?
Sydney Lupkin

The Little-Known Virus Causing a Panic Over Infant Brain Deformities in Brazil

The crisis is stark example of how difficult it still is to predict and control an epidemic.
Kaleigh Rogers and Letícia Naísa

PREMIERE: Baltimore Punks Birth (Defects) Are Punishing and Defiant on "Ascetic"

It's the lead cut off a forthcoming seven-inch.
Zachary Lipez

PREMIERE: Watch Birth Defects' New Video For "Party Suicide"

We're premiering the band's new video for "Party Suicide," a thrashing, reverb-soaked jam that will make you want to punch yourself in the face.
Kayla Monetta