How to Debase Yourself and Get Free Food From Chain Restaurants at the Same Time

I have discovered the holy grail of free food—a technique so ridiculous and easy that anyone can do it.
Adam Rothbarth
New music

Young Thug Drops 'Slime Language,' a New "Compilation Project"

Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, and Jacquees all appear on Thugger's follow-up to April's 'Hear No Evil' EP.
Alex Robert Ross
Weed Week

I Toured Vancouver in Search of Dispensaries That Give Away Weed on Your Birthday

A friend and I decided to sample Vancouver’s lawless weed culture before legalization changes it forever.
Laura Bell
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The GOP Really Wants You to Sign Eric Trump's Birthday Card

Tell the guy how you really feel!
Drew Schwartz

People Sum Up the Worst Gifts They've Ever Received in Six Words

“A used copy of 'People' magazine.”
Anna Goldfarb
Life Inside

When Your 18th Birthday Gift Is a Transfer to Adult Prison

They looked confused when they saw a baby-faced kid walk down the aisle in shackles and an orange jumpsuit.
Nick Ward
Sputnik Turns 60

How Dreams of Spacefaring Zombies Led to the Launch of Sputnik

What, you think there’s enough room on Earth for everyone who has ever lived? No way, we need a spaceship stat.
Becky Ferreira

Dad Gets Jail Time for Giving 17 Shots of Vodka to His 13-Year Old Daughter

The Pennsylvania man says that he gave her the alcohol to celebrate her birthday.
Nick Rose
gif six pack

6 Ducking Great GIFs Release the Quackin’ for Donald Duck’s Birthday

Please quack.
Beckett Mufson

Five Ways You Lose Your Friends in Your 30s

A lot of 20-something friendships don't make it past the big 3-0.
Christine Estima
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Live Vicariously Through The Guy Who Spent His Birthday Getting Free Food All Over Town

Kent Yoshimura recently decided he wanted to relive the good old days when birthdays were all free Grand Slam breakfasts and gratis desserts.
Gigen Mammoser

Old Man Dwyane Wade Still Knows How to Party

Wade and the Chicago Bulls celebrated his 35th birthday on Tuesday night with a loss to the 13-27 Dallas Mavericks. The night got better after the game.
Patrick Sauer