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Craig Wright Isn’t Mad, He’s Actually Laughing After Public Beef at Blockchain Conference

nChain chief scientist and would-be Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright walked off of a panel flanked by personal security after a confrontation with LightningASIC CEO Jack Liao.
Jordan Pearson
But Why

Why a Cryptocurrency Mining Giant Is Burning Money in a ‘Black Hole’

Bitmain’s AntPool has committed to “burning” 12 percent of Bitcoin Cash fees, illustrating cryptocurrency’s troubling economics.
Jordan Pearson
beef alert

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Is Beefing With the Guy Who Claimed to Be Satoshi Nakamoto

Buterin called Craig Wright a “fraud” at the 2018 Deconomy conference, and Wright shot back.
Jordan Pearson

Coinbase Is Getting Sued for Insider Trading

The lawsuit alleges that some were tipped off ahead of the release of Bitcoin Cash on the platform.
Daniel Oberhaus
Friday Brain Melt

Bitcoin’s ‘Civil War’ Hit InfoWars Last Night and It Was Bizarre

We've hit peak... something.
Jordan Pearson
50 cent

50 Cent’s Cryptocurrency Fortune Is Even Larger Than You Think

It’s not just Bitcoin.
Jordan Pearson
Holy Fork!

We Forked Bitcoin

Say hello to ”Bitcoin Max Horsepower.”
Jordan Pearson
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Coinbase Is Investigating Insider Trading for Bitcoin Cash

Trades were frozen hours after adding support.
Jordan Pearson
because of course

Meet 'Bitcoin Clashic,' a Weird and Totally Unexpected Cryptocurrency Rebellion

Nobody saw this coming, and what happens next is a mystery.
Jordan Pearson

A Second Bitcoin Fork Is Looming and Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and soon... Bitcoin Gold.
Jordan Pearson
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Craig Wright Couldn’t Prove He Invented Bitcoin, But He’s Back Anyway

Wright isn't mad, actually he's laughing.
Jordan Pearson
Fork watch

Yet Another Bitcoin Fork Aims to Take Power Away From Big Miners

Is Bitcoin Gold the people's fork?
Jordan Pearson