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Bitcoin Backers Debate Whether False Founding Claims Hurt the Virtual Currency

Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright said he created bitcoin on May 2 and walked his story back three days later, in the latest embarrassing controversy for the virtual currency.


Everything's Coming Up Bitcoin as Value Spikes

In recent weeks, serious people have been taking a look not only at bitcoins, but at the so-called blockchain technology that drives the cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin Core Devs in ‘Civil War’ Insist We’re Not Getting The Whole Story

“Even the Economist got a bunch of things wrong. :(” developer Peter Todd said.


The Bitcoin Foundation Is Crumbling from the Inside

A rogue board member wants to decentralize the Bitcoin Foundation.


Bitcoin Boosters Want 2015 to Be the Cryptocurrency's Year

Though the currency’s past year was bookended by embarrassing screw-ups that would give any investor pause, its advocates hope it will finally go mainstream in 2015.