Fernet-Branca Was Once a ‘Cure’ for Cholera

I was granted a conversation with the Vice President of Fernet-Branca, Niccolò Branca, who offered some rare insight into its composition and surprising history.
Harry Sword

Malicious, Maligned Malört Is Chicago’s Most Beloved and Disgusting Liqueur

"They're like, ‘Here, drink this!’ And you do it and you're like, ‘What the fuck?’
Gray Chapman
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Make Happy Hour Even Happier with Smoked Tequila, Guava, and Ginger

In addition to making great use of smoked tequila, this cocktail incorporates tropical flair from guava purée, some citrus tang from Giffard Pamplemousse Rose and lemon juice, and a serious kick from ginger liqueur and a tajin rim.
Munchies Staff
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How to Learn to Love Malört

Just one swig of Swedish Mälort will make all of the muscles above your neck contort as you recoil from the potent and punishing flavor of the drink. Blending it into a delicious cocktail, however, is a different story.
Munchies Staff

Ghost Girl Is Bitter in This Week's Comic from Ines Estrada

There are some things you just can't let go of.
Ines Estrada

A New IPA Is the Most Bitter Beer in the World

Dogfish Head Brewery says they have made “the hoppiest beer ever documented through scientific analysis.” Their new brew, dubbed Hoo Lawd—the name is said to come from the exclamation you will undoubtedly make after you take your first sip—is seriously...
Alex Swerdloff

Momofuku Taught Me How to Not Be a Total Hack

I’m a kid who learned how to cook in the Momofuku empire. The chefs taught me how to not be a complete piece of shit prep cook.
James Mark
Craft Beer

We Talked to Stone Cold Steve Austin About His Skull-Breaking New Beer

When not taking steel chairs to the face, it turns out that Stone Cold Steve Austin likes to gently sip on West Coast-style craft IPAs. So he made one to reflect that.
Javier Cabral

Scientists Say Psychopathic People Really Like Bitter Food

Are you one of them?
Alex Swerdloff
Drink Me

Everyone Will Always Love Campari, With or Without Beetle Juice

There's something about Campari, even if it's no longer colored with crushed-up bugs.
Hilary Pollack

Faking Taste With Electrical Shocks to the Tongue Is Our Dystopian Food Future

Taste+ promises to make something like Soylent as appetizing as foie gras without changing its nutritional content in the slightest.
Kyle Chayka

West Country Cider Is a Relic from Another Century

Although the UK has seen a huge resurgence of interest in commercial cider over the past decade, true West Country cider is a different beast—one that delivers a life-affirming booze kick alongside bold spice.
Harry Sword