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Copenhagen Zoo Unveils Yin Yang-Shaped Panda Enclosure

The Panda House will open in 2018.


Bjarke Ingels Is Designing a Hyperloop for Dubai

The Danish starchitect has spoken, and the future of travel will be plated in chrome.


A Wall Unzips in Bjarke Ingels Group's Serpentine Pavilion

The architects behind 2 World Trade Center release plans for a spacially-twisted new pavilion outside London.


Architect Plans to Turn a Power Plant into the World's Tallest Tesla Coils

Bjarke Ingels wants to turn the chimney stacks of Battersea Power Station into human-powered induction coils.


Frankfurt’s Skyline Gets Minecrafted by Bjarke Ingels

This skyscraper contains elements of a real city all in one structure.


Here's the Wild Design for Two World Trade Center

“On one hand it’s about being respectful and about completing the frame around the memorial, and on the other hand it’s about revitalizing downtown Manhattan and making it a lively place to live and work.”