What’s Article 370, and Why Its End Could Mean More Violence in Kashmir

Kashmir has been a source of dispute between India and Pakistan ever since the countries became independent from Britain in 1947.


What You Need to Know About India’s Landslide Elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist party are on track to consolidate their power with an unexpected victory.


Modi's trolls are ready to wreak havoc on India's marathon election

“In terms of potential, the Indian elections are probably the ripest target for disinformation this year.”


India Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Eating Beef

In the wake of a man being murdered over rumors that he ate beef, a Hindu nationalist organization has claimed that "the Vedas order the killing of anyone who slaughters the cow."


India's Plan for Farmers to Solve the Drought? Yoga and Good Vibes

India's Hindu nationalist government has proposed that farmers cope with depleted water tables and soil depletion by meditating near crops, in order to make them grow more efficiently. Experts call it quackery.


Cow Retirement Homes Are Booming in India — Here's Why

Hindu nationalist groups fighting for the protection of India's cows have succeeded in expanding statutes against slaughter, which have increased cattle smuggling as well as the need for cattle shelters.


Watch John Oliver Tackle India's Pornography Ban on 'Last Week Tonight'

The ban restricted access to 857 URLs, including classics like and


Indian Woman Dies After Claiming Police Set Her on Fire

With 80 percent of her body burned, Nitu Dwivedi died Tuesday at a hospital in the Uttar Pradesh state capital of Lucknow.


India's Government Doesn't Seem to Care That Husbands Can Legally Rape Their Wives

Indian officials have rejected the urging of the UN and human rights activists that they amend the country's penal code to make sexual assault within marriage a criminal offense.


An Indian Politician Blames Beef for the Nepal Earthquake

A politician from India's ruling party blamed the recent earthquake in Nepal on a member of a rival party eating beef.


'How Can the Government Say What We Cannot Eat?': Mumbai Muslims Are Stung by Beef Ban

Members of Maharashtra's Muslim minority control its beef trade, and complain that they have increasingly been targeted with threats since the BJP's electoral victory last May.