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Natural Hair Is Protected In California, But the Bias Is Far From Gone

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The Black Entrepreneurs of the Booming Natural Hair Movement

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'Can I Touch It?' The Implicit Bias Against Black Women's Natural Hair

Researchers from the Perception Institute developed the first-ever Hair Implicit Association Test to measure whether or not people are unconsciously biased against black women's hair. The results of their study were published today, offering a new set...


‘It’s About Ownership’: The Politics of Running a Black Hair Shop

In the UK, the black hair industry is dominated by South Asian businessmen. Increasingly, black women are starting to question why.


Justin Bieber's Dreadlocks Show How White People (Still) Steal Everything

Biebs's new 'do represents the complete lack of self-awareness that some white folks have when it comes to pretty basic shit regarding race and privilege in this country.