black history


Police Investigating “Heinous” Death of Black Activist Sadie Roberts-Joseph in Louisiana

Police have not yet ruled her death a homicide and are waiting on the results of an autopsy.


How Black Women Made GIFs Into a Language of Self-Expression

GIFs give voice to Black women who, because of their shared erasure and oppression, often communicate in a silent dialogue.


Facebook Is Reviewing its Policy on White Nationalism After Motherboard Investigation, Civil Rights Backlash

"Facebook ignores centuries of history, legal precedent, and expert scholarship that all establish that white nationalism and white separatism are white supremacy."


Most black kids can't swim, and segregation is to blame

A history of racial discrimination at pools may be the reason black Americans can’t swim


NYC Will Move—But Not Remove—Statue of Gynecologist Who Experimented on Slaves

The statue of Dr. J. Marion Sims will be relocated from Central Park in Manhattan to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Some advocates say the decision is a "slap in the face."


The Groundbreaking Black Singer Whose Voice Inspired Martin Luther King Jr.

The extraordinary life of American music and civil rights icon Marian Anderson, who will soon appear on the $5 bill, told in five historic concerts.


When Black Women Were Required By Law to Cover Their Hair

In the 1700s, the Tignon Laws forced Black women in Louisiana to wear head wraps because their beautiful, elaborate hairstyles were considered a threat to the status quo.


The Amazing Vintage Shop That Celebrates Black History Every Day

BLK MKT Vintage co-founders Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart are decolonizing vintage shopping one antique at a time.


The Black Woman Who Biked Across the US Alone During the 1930s Jim Crow Era

Despite pervasive racism and the weight of the Great Depression, Bessie Stringfield found freedom on the open road.


This Artist Took Over an Entire City Block to Build an African Bead Museum

Olayami Dabls opened the MBad African Bead Museum in Detroit to connect black Americans with African history and culture.


Blacks Were Enslaved Well into the 1960s

More than 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, there were black people in the Deep South who had no idea they were free. These people were forced to work, violently tortured, and raped.


Viola Desmond, the Black Woman Who Fought Against Segregation in Canada

In 1946, Viola Desmond insisted on sitting in the whites-only section of a Nova Scotia movie theater, and now she's being put on the $10 bill for her bravery.