black markets


Indonesia Can't Stop Its Illegal Treasure Hunters

The illegal antiquities trade is robbing the country of millions of dollars and no one seems to have a plan to stop it.


Facebook Is a Black Market For Vietnam’s Wildlife Traffickers

A year-long investigation revealed that Facebook has unwillingly become a safe haven for wildlife smugglers.


The hunt for wild ginseng in Appalachia's semilegal and highly lucrative marketc

The first rule of ginseng club is you don’t talk about ginseng club


Why Some Dark Web Dealers Post Photos of Their Drug Labs

“Any publicity is good publicity,” as one brazen black market Xanax dealer told Motherboard.


Strict New Regulations Are Forcing Vapers to Go DIY

Overregulation could very likely lead to a blossoming black market that otherwise wouldn’t need to exist.


Uber Is My Portal to the Black Markets of Mexico City

The ride-hailing app is a gateway for passengers into the capital city’s illegal markets for drugs, guns, and fake documents.


The Black Market for Orchids Is Moving to Social Media, Study Says

“Even though they aren't fluffy or cute, we need to take threats to them seriously.”


Drug Dealers Explain How They Keep Their Hustles Secret from Their Families

'Breaking Bad' is probably the best known pop-culture example of a drug merchant's life getting turned inside-out, but it happens to ordinary people the world over. We interviewed several about how dealing complicated their lives and relationships.


The Black Market Dealers Selling Tactical Surveillance Equipment Online

IMSI catchers are used by law enforcement, but some companies appear willing to sell to private individuals too.


VICE News Investigation Finds Signs of Secret Phone Surveillance Across London

VICE News found hallmarks of controversial IMSI catchers around the UK capital, then went undercover online, where we were offered the chance to buy one for $15,000.


A Shortage of Legitimate Donors Is Fuelling the Black Market Organ Trade

As Wales becomes the latest country to make organ donation opt-out, the illegal organ trade continues around the world.