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Daz Rinko Finds Love From Above And Liam Gallagher on EP 'Black Boy Joy'

"I'm simply striving and exceeding the expectations placed upon us from before we were born."
Sharine Taylor

A Photographer's Honest Portraits Recontextualize Black Masculinity

Jonathan Gardenhire captures "honest pictures of black men" that are once familiar and transformative.
Antwaun Sargent
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Americans See Black Men as Larger Than They Really Are, Study Finds

The survey also found that nonblack respondents thought black men were more capable of violence than whites—and that cops would be more justified using force in altercations with them.
Drew Schwartz

These Photos Show the Power and Dignity of Black Men

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement and famed photographer Ruddy Roye have collaborated on 'Black Male Re-Imagined,' a stunning new narrative photo project that highlights black community leaders.
Wilbert L. Cooper

What Young Black Men Can Expect from President Trump

History suggests African Americans—and black men, in particular—may be relegated to a modern three-fifths compromise, one in which neither Black Lives nor Black Votes Really Matter.
Edward Wyckoff Williams
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We Talked to 'Artivist' Aloe Blacc About How It Feels to Be on Obama's Playlist

On this episode of 'Daily VICE', we sit down with the musician to talk about how he aims to create social change through his music.
VICE Staff

A Black Lives Matter Painter Explains How Art Can Be Activism

Langston Allston sees his murals for Alton Sterling and other victims of police brutality as a way to "help people plug in who weren't previously plugged in."
Sean Neumann

A Former Police Chief Says the Way We Train Cops to Use Lethal Force Is Broken

"When it comes time to pull a gun or a trigger, the standards need to be the same from coast to coast."
Norm Stamper, as told to Kerry Shaw