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black metal

We Talked 'Lords of Chaos' with Wilson Gonzalez and Extreme Metal Legend Nergal

Genre veteran and Behemoth frontman Nergal watched the Norwegian black metal drama unfold as a teen, while German actor Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht plays the accomplice of Euronymous' murderer in the Mayhem biopic. Here's how their meeting went.
Ruby Morrigan

'Lords of Chaos' Is a Loving, Concerned, and Troubled Look at Black Metal

VICE spoke with director Jonas Åkerlund about his new take on an old story.
Grayson Haver Currin

Please Enjoy These Fantastically Brutal Illustrations by a Death Metal Icon

Mark Riddick has designed album art, posters, and merch for Exodus, Arch Enemy, Dying Fetus... and Justin Bieber.
Beckett Mufson

'An Average True Norwegian Black Metal Day,' Today's Comic by Ida Neverdahl

A metalhead takes us on a tour of the land of true Norwegian black metal.
Ida Neverdahl

This Chaotic Zine Reveals Black Metal's Darkest Layers

Artists and writers Una Hamilton Helle, Lotte Brown, and others explore Norwegian metal’s wilderness and folkloric imagery in the second issue of the black metal art zine 'Becoming the Forest.'
DJ Pangburn
Blood Painting

This Black Metal Middle School Art Teacher Paints with His Own Blood

French artist Maxime André Taccardi puts a lot of himself into his art.
Nathaniel Ainley
occult art

Enter the Dark Scandinavian Wilderness with "Witch in the Woods" Artist Darby Lahger

Lahger’s mystical work conjures images of isolation, tragedy, freedom, and escape.
Kelsey Lannin

THUMP Mix: Alice Glass

We spoke to the former Crystal Castles frontwoman about shoplifting CDs, Trump's presidency, and her long-awaited solo album.
Max Mertens

VICE Films Is Helping to Produce a 'Lords of Chaos' Movie

The Norwegian black metal movie will be directed by Jonas Åkerlund and is set to star Rory Culkin.
VICE Staff

Photos That Perfectly Capture the Brutality of Norwegian Black Metal

For his new series "Singing Norwegian Singers," Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen rounded up a bunch of local black metal singers and photographed them screaming directly into his lens.
Oliver Lunn, Photos by Jonas Bendiksen
daily vice

We Spent the Day with Spain's Black Metal Band Muert

We caught up with the band in the Canary Islands to find out what's behind the anti-Christian lyrics of its music.
VICE Staff

Thurston Moore on the Legacy of Black Metal Gods, Mayhem

The legendary musician gave us the scoop on bringing Necrobutcher's black metal memorabilia to Tenderbooks in London.
DJ Pangburn