Black Women Making History


The Final '2 Dope Queens' Podcast Was a Perfect Interview with Michelle Obama

The former First Lady is a fan of Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams and asked to be a guest on their show.
Taylor Hosking
Black Women Making History

Racism Is Killing Black Babies, But This Doula Is Fighting Back

Christin Farmer​ is providing the black mothers of Cleveland, Ohio, with the support they need to keep their children alive.
Candice Wilder
Black Women Making History

This Female Black Preacher Wants to Dismantle Religious Patriarchy

Reverend Neichelle Guidry is leading the charge for young black women in ministry.
Gina Ryder
Black Women Making History

The Sisterhood Behind the Raciest, Rawest Podcast on the Internet

'Whoreible Decisions' brings listeners inside the illicit conversations of professional young black women.
Wilbert L. Cooper
Black Women Making History

My Friend MLK 'Died of a Broken Heart'

Legendary activist Xernona Clayton talks about her relationship with Dr. King, who was murdered 50 years ago. She's a prominent voice in HBO's new documentary, 'King in the Wilderness.'
Alexis P. Williams
Black Women Making History

How Black Women on Capitol Hill Are Dealing with Trump

With white supremacists rising under a right-wing president, black women in the halls of power are looking out for each other and the causes they care about.
Janelle Harris
Black Women Making History

The Amazing Vintage Shop That Celebrates Black History Every Day

BLK MKT Vintage co-founders Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart are decolonizing vintage shopping one antique at a time.
Genel Ambrose
Black Women Making History

Yrsa Daley-Ward's Intimate Poems Have Become an Instagram Sensation

The Nigerian-Jamaican writer has a new memoir called 'The Terrible' hitting shelves in June.
Tari Ngangura
Black Women Making History

There’s More to Seren Sensei Than Skewering Bruno Mars for Cultural Appropriation

The activist, writer, and YouTuber wants you to make a commitment to supporting black artists and businesses.
sadie cruz
Black Women Making History

This Gallerist Is Creating Nuanced Conversations Around Race in the Art World

Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels's mobile We Buy Gold gallery exhibits work that doesn't fit into white America's concept of normativity.
Amirah Mercer
Black Women Making History

Aja Monet Is Not OK with Your Apathy

The Brooklyn native has been melding politics and poetry since long before Trump's white supremacist-fueled rise.
Maya Holder
Black Women Making History

'Axis' Director Aisha Tyler Is Proving Hollywood Doesn't Know Its Audience

Talking to the 'Archer' and 'Criminal Minds' star about Hollywood, her directorial debut, and voicing the immortal Lana Kane.
Candice Frederick