Blackout Series


People in Thailand are going to jail for Facebook comments

Insulting the royals on social media is a crime in Thailand, and opponents of the regime say the military junta is using the law to suppress the opposition.


Blackout: Thailand's Cyber Wars

VICE News meets the hackers fighting mounting internet censorship in Thailand.


We spoke to the activists pushing for change in Eritrea, Africa's North Korea

One in 10 refugees arriving in Europe is fleeing the human rights abuses of the Eritrean regime. Working for change in Eritrea can be deadly, but that is not deterring some activists.


Blackout: Leaks from Eritrea, Africa's North Korea

In Eritrea, nearly all dissent is brutally silenced. VICE News meets people who’ve fled the repressive country.


How a photo of a park pissed off the authorities in Europe's last dictatorship

In Belarus, government forces, including the former Soviet bloc's last remaining KGB, regularly crack down on protesters and independent journalists.


Blackout: Inside Belarus, Europe's Last Dictatorship

VICE News visits Belarus, the last European dictatorship, where President Lukashenko’s government has engaged in a campaign of censorship to intimidate journalists and suppress independent media.


Venezuelans are risking their lives to access medical supplies

At least one woman drowned recently trying to get to Colombia to buy medication, and many others are now locked in a constant and desperate search for supplies.


Blackout: Venezuela's Activist Journalists

In the lead-up to last year’s controversial elections, VICE News was on the ground in Venezuela with the activist journalists fighting against the censorship of the country's dwindling free press.


Blackout: Being LGBT in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

VICE News heads to Pakistan to unravel the country’s underground gay scene and examine the ways in which technology is being used to achieve sexual freedom.


How Death Threats and the Government Shut Down Pakistan's First LGBTQ Website

In 2013, Pakistan's first website targeted to the LGBTQ community launched and immediately took off. In the next several months, the government would shut it down twice as the founder endured death threats and harassment.


Technology and the Fight for Free Expression: Blackout (Series Trailer)

Coming Soon: VICE News explores the role of technology in the global fight for freedom of expression.