Christian woman free to flee Pakistan after top court upholds blasphemy acquittal

“The image of Islam we are showing to the world gives me much grief and sorrow.”
Tim Hume
Asia Bibi

A Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy is out of prison. Now her life depends on getting out of Pakistan.

Outraged hardliners want her banned from leaving, and have vowed to paralyze the country is she is allowed to flee.
Tim Hume

Mob kills Pakistani university student for spreading blasphemy on social media

A mob beat a Pakistani university student to death on Thursday after he was accused of spreading blasphemy on social media. Mashal Khan, a student at Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, was stripped naked and hit with planks until his head caved in. It...
Kevin Urgiles

Listen to the Bestial Debut from War Metal Supergroup Death Worship

The Ross Bay Cult is alive and well
Noisey Staff

A Christian governor in Indonesia is on trial for insulting Islam

Kathleen Caulderwood

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama warns against "crude" nationalism across the world, an advisor claims the Trump team is considering a Muslim registry, "post-truth" is chosen as word of the year by Oxford, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will outline their national security policies Wednesday, a Zika funding bill fails again in Congress, Apple is set to reveal the iPhone 7, and more.
VICE Staff

Welcome to Iran, Where Loving Metal Might Get You Killed

"Blasphemers" like the members of Tehran metal band Confess face imprisonment—and even execution.
Sumy Sadurni
asia & pacific

Protests Erupt as Pakistan Executes a Murderer Who's Hailed as a Hero

Mumtaz Qadri was working as a bodyguard for Punjab governor Salman Taseer when he shot him dead in 2011. The politician was a vocal critic of harsh blasphemy laws.
Reuters and VICE News

Hail Canada! An Ode to Metal from Up North

We had members of Fuck The Facts, KEN Mode, Mitochondrion, the Ross Bay Cult, and more weigh in on the best Canadian metal bands and why our neighbors to the North are so great at slaying riffs.
Kim Kelly
asia & pacific

Using Religion for Reform: Trying to Change Pakistan’s Oppressive Blasphemy Law from Within

VICE News spoke to a group of activists who are adopting a unique approach to reforming Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy law by engaging religious language and leaders rather them eschewing them.
Sarah Munir
super bowl

God's Super Bowl Press Conference

Yes, this is the real God's real Super Bowl press conference. Or maybe not. I'm not God and have no real way of knowing anything with any certainty.
Sean Newell