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Game of Thrones

'Game of Thrones' Is Literally Demanding a Blood Sacrifice for Its New Pop-up

Their "Bleed for the Throne" blood drive is kicking off with an immersive experience at SXSW.
Taylor Hosking

I'm Suing Canada to Lift the Ban on Gay Blood Donors

The same ban is still very much alive in the United States.
Christopher Karas as told to S.E. Smith
You're Smarter Than That

Don’t Only Give Blood After a Tragedy

“If you give blood even two hours after an event, the people who are going to die of bleeding are already dead by the time it's ready.”
Ed Cara

Decades After the AIDS Crisis and Queer Men Still Can't Easily Give Blood

A federal policy forces gay and bisexual men to abstain from sex for a year to donate blood.
Aaron Barksdale

Almost Everyone Can Donate Blood—Except Sex Workers

If you've ever exchanged money for sexual services, you're barred from giving blood in the UK—forever. Sex workers explain why the ban is unjust.
Jasmine Andersson

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hurricane Hermine makes landfall in Florida, some of Trump's leading Hispanic advisors have quit in the wake of his anti-immigration speech, the Clinton campaign beats fundraising record, and more.
VICE Staff

Meet the Gay Man Going 12 Months Without Sex So He Can Donate Blood

Under existing regulations, it's currently impossible to give blood if you’re a man who’s had sex with another man in the last year—even if you used protection. We meet the activist fighting for change with a self-enforced sex ban.
Sirin Kale

It's Time to Lift America's Insane Rules About Who Can Donate Blood

In the wake of the Pulse shooting, public health advocates and activists are calling on the FDA to strike down a ban they view as discriminatory, stigmatizing, and based on outdated science.
Nico Lang
Vice Blog

Gay Men Are Finally Allowed to Donate Blood (If They Haven't Been Laid in a Really Long Time)

The Food and Drug Administration announced this morning that it will lift its ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood. Well, kinda.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Gay Men Can't Donate Blood, but Some Are Trying Anyway

Since the 80s, men who have had sexual contact with other men (even if it was just one time) have been banned from donating blood in the US by the FDA as a response to fears that allowing gay/bisexual/DTF men to share their blood would give everyone...
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete