Bloody Mary

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The 20 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Need To Be Your Own Bartender

Drinking at home doesn't just have to mean cracking open a cold one.
Munchies Staff
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20 Brunch Cocktails to Make While Nursing Your Hangover

Game the bougie brunch racket and make these cocktails at home.
Munchies Staff

I Ate Hunter S. Thompson's Infamous Breakfast And I'll Never Do It Again

It sucks to be naked in the rain—especially if your body is full of tequila, bacon, and coke.
Kristian Ejlebæk Nielsen
super bowl

Here's Your MUNCHIES Super Bowl Menu

Don't even think about throwing a Super Bowl party that doesn't include these blackened hot wings, DIY Bloodies, crab mac 'n' cheese, grapefruit beer punch, and more.
Munchies Staff

Drinking My Way Through Sydney's Hardcore Bloody Mary Scene

The garnishes are insane, the booze is strong, and these complex cocktails are way more than just hair of the dog.
Laura Studarus

Bloody Masterpiece Recipe

The creator of this masterpiece is Dave Sobelman, the owner of Sobelman's Pub & Grill in Milwaukee, WI. It's often imitated, never duplicated—unless you want to DIY.
Dave Sobelman
Restaurant Confessionals

I'm Your Flight Attendant and I Think You're All a Bunch of Drunks

I know that this is your fourth Bloody Mary, and I can tell that you're super high on Ambien. Just don't tell me I have a sexy PA voice or ask me for a sparkling water—we have club soda.

Why Canada's Caesars Are Better Than American Bloody Marys

Since its conception in 1969, the sodium-ridden, tomato-based Calgary cocktail has become one of Canada's most popular cocktails, but it's not what's inside that makes it great. The garnishes alone make this the Liberace of all Canadian libations.
Dan Clapson
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You Should Be Putting Mezcal and Beer in Your Bloody Mary

Meet Bloody Mary’s sexier Mexican cousin: Bloody Maria. She’s spicy as hell, she brings home the bacon, and she smokes.
Munchies Staff

Bloody Maria Recipe

This is a tribute to Bloody Mary, but with a twist that no Bloody has in the world: bacon-infused mezcal. It also has roasted tomato juice and celery bitters for an extra fresh taste.
Axel Pimentel
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This Indian Bloody Mary Cures Hangovers with Spice

The Bloody Batra swaps the traditional Bloody Mary’s hot sauce and lemon juice in favour of Eastern-inspired ingredients like chili and mustard seeds.
Munchies Staff

This Bloody Mary Cured My Hangover and My Fear of Tomato Juice

I've never been convinced of the Bloody Mary as a hangover cure—there’s something about drinking a vegetable that just seems inherently wrong. That was until I tried bartender David Beatty's version.
Johanna Derry