Mark Kozelek Tells a Weird Story on Donny McCaslin's Sharp New Single

The latest single from Grammy-nominated jazz saxophonist McCaslin, who led the band on David Bowie's 'Blackstar,' is a surprisingly seamless collaboration with a monologuing Kozelek.


George Jung, the Inspiration Behind 'Blow,' Says Prison Saved His Life

The one-time cocaine kingpin turns 76 this week.


Police Found 800 Pounds of Cocaine Hidden in a Banana Shipment

It's not the first time cops have busted people for hiding drugs in the fruit.


Soldiers on a Nuclear Base Are in Trouble for Allegedly Doing Blow

Fourteen airmen at a nuclear missile base are under investigation for allegedly using illegal drugs, coke among them.


A Catholic Priest Snorted Cocaine Surrounded by Nazi Memorabilia While on Camera

The 37-year old priest said that he collects "historical stuff" and doesn't have a drug problem: "It was just the one night and that was it."


Amrit's New Tune "Blow" Is a Lithe Little Number

The Australian-born, Anglo-Indian newbie drops her second ever tune. We'd like to hear more ASAP please, thanks.


This Video of Kesha Performing "Blow" and "Timber" in Nashville Is Punk as Fuck

"Don't worry," she says of her performance with her band Yeast Infection, "NO ONE will ever shut me up."


I Drank Moonshine and Camel Milk with Black Market Legends

What could four former drug bosses and gang leaders teach a room full of “creatives and entrepreneurs”? A lot, it turns out.


Rihanna Maybe Did Cocaine: A Comic

Someone posted a video online in which Rihanna looks like she's doing cocaine. This is the comic.


I Got Cocaine Blown Up My Ass So You Don't Have To

When the internet was suddenly abuzz with rumors that getting a friend to blow coke up your ass with a straw was worth the trouble, I had to see if I'd been doing it wrong all this time. After all, blow doesn't come with instructions.


I Learned How to Make Blow in Colombia

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Colombia is the world’s biggest producer of cocaine, providing around 80 percent of the whole planet’s supply. In true entrepreneurial spirit, mom and pop coke shops, or “kitchens,” pepper the countryside, churning...