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New York’s Biggest Food Waste Chef Is Bringing Pulp Burgers to London

We spoke to chef and food waste campaigner Dan Barber about wastED, his new London pop-up that serves dishes made with produce that would have otherwise been chucked.
Daisy Meager
food waste

How I Turn Wasted Food into Michelin-Starred Meals

We pick and we choose, we go to the farmers market and we cherry-pick ingredients: eggplant, the perfect tomato, fall squash.
Dan Barber

Organic Farming Isn't Just a Bougie Ideal

It's long been assumed that chemical-intensive conventional farming is the best way to feed large numbers of people. But a new study shows that organic is more than just crunchy: it's productive, too.
Lauren Rothman
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This Man Might Be Producing the World's Only Ethical Foie Gras

Foie gras is one of the most controversial foods in the world, but what if there were a way to satisfy both sides of the debate: the liver-lovers and the animal-protectors? Eduardo Sousa thinks so, because he’s doing it.
Lauren Rothman

Blue Hill

This 'Munchies' episode is going to make whatever you eat today look like shit. It features chef Trevor Kunk of Blue Hill, one of the early bastions of farm-to-table cooking in New York City. The food Trevor and his team put out is revelatory: Their...
VICE Staff

Chef's Night Out: Blue Hill

The food Trevor Kunk and his team put out is revelatory: Their parsnip steak and salt-baked rutabaga will lift your culinary IQ.
Munchies Staff