Blue Origin


How Humans Will Bring the Internet to Space

In the future, orbiters, rovers, deep space probes, and even human space habitats will be nodes on the internet of things.


Jeff Bezos Is a Post-Earth Capitalist

Bezos admits that the limitless growth that made him the world's richest man is incompatible with a habitable Earth.


Jeff Bezos Is Planning to Ship ‘Several Metric Tons of Cargo’ to the Moon

Blue Origin signed a letter of intent with two German space companies to deliver supplies to the Moon by 2023.


Corporations Are Ready to Build Moon Villages, Our Laws Are Not

Moon community concepts are being developed by federal space agencies and private spaceflight companies. What legal, economic, and social frameworks should apply to these communities?


Watch Blue Origin Test Its Rocket Escape System for Rich Space Tourists

This is the first test for the escape system in the vacuum of space.


American Capitalism Is Suffocating the Endless Possibilities of Space

In April the US House of Representatives passed an Act that says, “Outer space shall not be considered a global commons.”


Should You Invest in Space Startups?

Commercial space companies are ready for blast off—with nowhere to go but up.


When Going to Space Becomes Your Normal Commute

For most of spaceflight history, astronauts have been government employees. That will soon change.


Why Space Companies Are Untouched By Trump’s Travel Ban

The tech industry is stressed about losing foreign workers, but the space industry never had the choice to begin with.


China Will Overtake Russia In Annual Rocket Launches This Year

But the US will lead the world in the total number of rockets launched this year.


Watch the Highlight Reel of Blue Origin’s Successful Rocket Test

All of the fiery glory, none of the waiting.