Blurred Lines

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The Katy Perry Lawsuit Shows Why Music Copyright Law Is a Mess

A lawyer explains why future plaintiffs might be better off pleading "fair use" instead of fighting claims of similarities between songs.
Jessica Meiselman
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“Blurred Lines” Copyright Ruling Will Stand

A judge has found that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams are still responsible for paying Marvin Gaye's family for their involvement in "Blurred Lines."
Kristin Corry

The 'Blurred Lines' creators are still trying to reverse the Marvin Gaye verdict

The artists behind the song may have lost a copyright infringement lawsuit last year, but it looks like they're just beginning to fight.
Dexter Thomas
Blurred Lines

We Talked to a Lawyer About How the “Blurred Lines” Verdict Will Impact Copyright Law in Dance Music

Melody is protected — sound itself is not.
Gigen Mammoser
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Do Songs by Female Pop Stars Always Need to Have a Feminist Message?

We should allow female artists the space and agency to be creative without subscribing them to a set of rules that male artists are still largely exempt from.
Emma Garland
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Blurred Laws: In Defense of Pastiche and Robin Thicke

The Gaye estate won a $7.3 million copyright case against the writers of "Blurred Lines," but if the case forms a legal precedent for any stylistic pastiche, then everyone’s in trouble.
Al Shipley

The Clear Downside to the 'Blurred Lines' Verdict

'Blurred Lines' might suck, but the copyright decision sucks more.
Jordan Pearson
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The 13 Most Epically Hilarious Halloween Costumes of 2014

OMFG these costumes are our everything.
Noisey Staff

We Asked a Psychologist How Fame Fucked Over Robin Thicke

Did the feminist punching bag only sell 530 because of arrogance? Or because he sucks? We called Nadine Field—a psychologist who specializes in fame and celebrity—to find out.
Hannah Ewens

Robin Thicke's New Album Isn't Really About His Wife; It's About His Dick

A close reading of the life and work of everyone's least favorite pop star.
Sophie Heawood

In Defense of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines": Manet, Duchamp, and Ratajkowski

Is there any more to say about this video? Well, yes, actually. Consider the "Blurred Lines" misogyny debate via the great works of Manet and Duchamp, plus a word with model Emily Ratajkowski.
Jordan Silver

Why Don't We Have a Song of the Summer Yet?

“Blurred Lines” is just a good song. “Get Lucky” makes me think of 1978. “We Can’t Stop” is depressing. So when are we going to get our song of the summer?
Paul Cantor