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The Perils of Storytelling in Roguelikes

Storytelling in games is already hard, but balancing randomization and clarity in roguelike narrative can be particularly difficult.
Ricardo Contreras
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A Cancelled Board Game Revealed How Colonialism Inspires and Haunts Games

'Scramble for Africa' was cancelled amid apologies from a publisher and a broader debate about ethical gaming in the tabletop space.
Jon Bolding
Games and health

How One Dev Is Using Games as Therapy to Reach Across Generations

Game designer Alex Jimenez and social worker Timothy Burns are using games to help young people to open up about mental health.
Dante Douglas
the resistance

Flip Over Police Vans and Riot in This New Board Game for Anarchists

Bloc by Bloc is the "Insurrection Game" the Resistance didn't know it needed.
Luke Winkie

I Played an Anti-Socialist Board Game with Real Socialists and They Loved It

These DSA members were down with an expansion that puts the state back in Monopoly.
Justin Caffier
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These People Are Selling the CIA's Internal Board Game to the Public

The plans for an internal CIA training game were released to the public last month—now it's becoming real and getting Kickstarted.
Michael Gaynor
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1960s Board Games For Girls Were Messed Up

I entered the world of heteronormative 60s board games marketed to young girls this weekend. It was a wild journey.
Danielle Riendeau
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Winning Is Fun, But Not Knowing What Victory Means Might Be Better

The 'Terraforming Mars' board game kept me guessing right until the end, which is something I'd like more strategy games to try.
Rob Zacny
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We Asked Game Designers If the CIA's El Chapo Board Game Is Any Good

The newly declassified training board game "clearly was done by people who love games."
Michael Gaynor
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Virtual Reality Will Keep Your Board Game Crew Together

Board games allow us to disconnect and hang out with our friends, so strapping goggles to your face seems antithetical to the premise. But VR could be transformational for friends scattered around the world.
Michael Gaynor

The Story of 'Hyperchess,' a 3D Chess Game Inspired by Star Trek

Max Chappell spent a lifetime developing an outlandish 3D chess game and selling it at Star Trek conventions.
Jason Johnson
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Board Games Were Indoctrination Tools for Christ, Then Capitalism

The very weird tale of how American board games used to teach you how to get to heaven, and later, how to make bank.
Robert Rath