Boards of Canada


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What do Aphex Twin and Brahms have in common? What if we told you that Beethoven used the same expository technique as Autechre?


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HudMo's Remixed Boards of Canada and It Sounds Bigger than Jesus

He's given "Amo Bishop Roden" a gargantuan re-rub.


A Rare Boards of Canada Vinyl Has Apparently Sold on Discogs for $4500

There are only three known copies of "—— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / —— / ——" in existence.


Boards of Canada Share Their First Official Remix in Almost a Decade

They've taken on "Mr. Mistake", a track by Doseone, TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, and Mike Patton's band Nevermen.


2013's Most Pretentious Dance Music Moments

Leave Nicolas Jaar alone!!


Boards of Canada's 'Tomorrow's Harvest' Is the 'Gravity's Rainbow' of Electronic Music

Boards of Canada took seven years to give us just over one hour of fractalized, alchemical vision. We should be thankful for every second of it.


Capturing The Look of Board of Canada's "Tomorrow's Harvest"

Director Neil Krug dishes on the paranoid, sci-fi inspired look he created for the latest Boards of Canada music videos.


Did Boards of Canada Create the Weirdest Musical Rabbit Hole Ever?

A casual observer of the Boards of Canada numbers station mystery might be either vaguely amused or generally disinterested. BoC fans, on the other hand, are of a different breed.


Did Boards of Canada Create the Weirdest Musical Rabbit Hole Ever?

Going viral the hard way: numbers and more numbers.


VICE Premiere: Prism House's "Need You (Part I)"

Prism House is a weird, Brooklyn-based electronic duo. VICE spoke with Prism House member Brian Wenner to discuss the duo’s debut EP 'Reflections,' 8-bit sounds, and how they can't make good music when they're stoned.