boat people


How Australia Legalized Indefinite Detention on the High Seas

After two weeks on the water, a boat carrying asylum seekers was intercepted by Australian authorities. Its passengers were transferred to a naval vessel where they remained under guard for 29 days.


Inside Sittwe, the Point of No Return for Burma's Displaced Rohingya

Visiting one of the major launch points for the estimated 25,000 ethnic Muslims that fled the country in boats between January and March this year.


Could Paying People Smugglers Be the Australian Government’s Robin Hood Moment?

The Coalition has been accused of paying people smugglers to return asylum seekers to Indonesia.


We Asked Sri Lankans What They Think of Australia’s Anti-Refugee Billboards

The Australian government is running grim-looking billboards across Sri Lanka in order to discourage potential asylum-seekers from making the journey by boat.


Myanmar Navy Ship Escorts Boat Carrying 727 Migrants to 'Safe Destination'

Authorities discovered the vessel on Friday, filling with water as it was floating in the Andaman Sea. According to an official, the asylum seekers are being taken to a safe place to be identified.


'Finger Pointing Will Take Us Nowhere': Myanmar Denies Responsibility for Migrant Crisis

The root causes of the migrant crisis could remain unaddressed with Myanmar blocking discussion of the status of the Rohingya ethnic minority at the summit.


Fucking Awesome - Tony Abbott Tried to Advise Europe on Asylum Seeker Policy

Following a mass drowning of asylum seekers in the Mediterranean, Tony Abbott is telling Europe the only way to stop the deaths is to stop the boats.


We Talked Refugees with Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in Cambodia

We followed the Greens Senator around a Phnom Penh slum, where she looked at the conditions awaiting Nauru's refugees.


After Four Weeks at Sea 157 Asylum Seekers Have Landed In Australia

The group, who are being held at Western Australia’s Curtin detention centre, are the first boat people to arrive in the country for six months.


Australia Is Invading Indonesian Waters to Turn Back Asylum Seekers

Australian government officials are apologizing for entering Indonesian waters in their effort to forcibly remove boats carrying asylum seekers. This has raised the tension levels between Australia and Indonesia, a rising economic power in the region...


Why the PNG Solution is What Australia Wants

Being considered a bunch of pussies has long been Labor’s problem when dealing with the boats. When Howard began the public discourse by framing himself as a sort of Aussie Battler strongman, it was inevitable that the left were going to look like...


To Stop or Not Stop the Boats - That is Not the Question

Kevin Rudd has created a storm of indignation with his 'lurch to the right', 'harshest policy ever', 'Tampa moment', a policy designed to do not much more than steal Tony Abbott's line about stopping the boats. Yet amidst the cacophony of critical...