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Fishing remains one of the most dangerous jobs in Canada. We talked to captains about their most hazardous experiences.


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I'ma rock the boat. Work the middle, till it hurt a little.


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"Levels of sewage that have been released into the environment in Rio is so high that the likelihood of infection is imminent."


We Asked Tugboat Workers About Their Worst Injuries

"I had my fingers ripped off. I stood there and watched the line come tight, rip them off, and then I picked them up, put them in my pocket, brought them to the hospital, and they sewed them back on."


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Artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot fills the Palais de Tokyo with water so visitors can take surreal boat rides.


Olympians Are Getting Ill Training in Rio's Feces-Contaminated Water

An independent analysis of Rio de Janeiro's Olympic water venues found hazardous levels of viruses equivalent to raw sewage.


How Poisonous Is the LA River?

Finding out about an ostensibly navigable river in the middle of Los Angeles was like discovering an awesome place for carne asada tacos in China—so counterintuitive it must be true. You can even fish in the LA River, though I don't know about eating...


Dredging the World of New York City's Waterways

The East River isn't just for dead bodies and the Gowanus Canal isn't just liquid poison. Since the mid-90s, small, dedicated groups of alt-sailors have been quietly reclaiming the waters. Here are some of the notable crowds and characters braving the...