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You're Not Paying Attention to New York's Most Exciting New Rap Scene

Bobby Shmurda's imprisonment left a hole, but his influence is being felt more than ever in the music of new artists like Sheff G and Blixky Boys.
Alphonse Pierre
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Acclaimed Author Zadie Smith Loves Desiigner, Bobby Shmurda

The ‘White Teeth’ author told Adam Buxton about her love for “party hip-hop” and said some cryptic stuff about Frank Ocean.
Alex Robert Ross
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Bobby Shmurda’s Prison Time Could be Reduced

The Brooklyn rapper has reportedly been offered a plea deal that could now see him jailed for a shorter stretch.

Noisey Staff
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Bobby Shmurda Will Serve Seven Years After Accepting Plea Deal

The rapper along with two co-defendants have chosen to accept a plea deal from prosecution.
Noisey Canada Staff
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Cops Say Brooklyn's Cement-Shoed Corpse Connected to Bobby Shmurda's Crew

The man whose body was found Monday was allegedly a high-ranking member of the G Stone Crips.
Helen Donahue
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Martin Shkreli Fan Fiction, Part Two: The Shkrelshank Redemption

Fear can hold you prisoner. Emo can set you free.
Dan Ozzi
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Don't Worry, Martin Shkreli Has a Plan to Bail Bobby Shmurda Out of Jail

"I’m the fucking biggest plug there is."
Kyle Kramer

Eclipse The Quan: How "Hit The Quan" Became Bigger Than Rich Homie Quan

No Rich Homie Quan song has ever charted as high as "Hit the Quan." What does that mean?
Al Shipley
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Bobby Shmurda Faces More Jail Time After Smuggling a Knife Into Jail

He appears in the Bronx Supreme Court on Thursday.
John Hill
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The Remix Report Card: First Quarter 2015 - “Blessings,” “She Knows,” “Preach,” and More

French Montana and Chris Brown continue to pop up on every damn thing.
Al Shipley
Remix Report Card

The Remix Report Card - Fourth Quarter 2014

The final semester for 2014 features some fire remixes - and a few lead balloons.
Al Shipley
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Bobby Shmurda Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Reckless Endangerment, Weapons, Faces Eight to 25 Years if Convicted

The rising New York rapper was charged with several felonies today.
Eric Diep