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“You’re Gonna Kill Me”: Body-Cam Footage Shows Dallas Police Joking as Mentally Ill Man Dies

He called 911 because he hadn’t taken his medication, was high on cocaine, and needed help.
Kelly Vinett
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The LAPD just released a 10-minute video showing a deadly shooting during a traffic stop

The video shows an unnamed female LAPD officer being shot at point-blank range by a guy described as a gang member on probation.
Tess Owen

Hackers Can Edit Police Body Cam Footage Without Anybody Noticing

Police body camera footage is touted as objective and transparent by law enforcement agencies, but a security researcher demonstrated how easy it is to manipulate and access body camera footage.
Daniel Oberhaus

“You’re about to get dropped,” New Jersey cop tells underage woman in body-cam footage

The officer then wrestles her to the ground and repeatedly punches her in the head.
Christianna Silva
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NYPD shot and killed bipolar black man after mistaking metal pipe for gun

The shooting comes after the fewest NYPD shootings ever last year.
Tess Owen

Police officer who shot and killed Alton Sterling at close range has been fired

Officer Blane Salamoni won't be criminally charged
Tess Owen
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Police muted their body cameras after shooting and killing unarmed black man in Sacramento

Police thought he had a gun. But he was only carrying a cell phone.
Christianna Silva
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No Suspension for Officers Who Killed Mentally Ill Man By Tasering Him 15 Times

Chase Sherman's mother called 911 because he was in the middle of a psychotic episode. Body camera footage shows the violent struggle between the deputies and the victim which ultimately led to his death.
Tess Owen
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Reports Suggest Body Cameras Are Only Effective When Cops Can’t Turn Them Off

Incidents where body cameras were either switched off or manipulated highlight oversight issues as police departments across the US adopt the technology.
Arijeta Lajka
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Body Cam Footage Shows Confrontation With Snow Shovel Before Utah Police Shooting

Video recorded by a Salt Lake City police officer's body camera shows a man becoming angry and swinging a snow shovel before the cop fatally shot him.
Meredith Hoffman