body hair

  • The Perils of Puberty as a Brown Girl After 9/11

    In the year 2000, I was like any other girl in my elementary school. In 2001, I was a hairy terrorist.

  • What the Hell Is a 'Hot Feminist'?

    A new book released today suggests that there are still hidden traps for any feminist who likes pink, being thin, fashion, getting her muff waxed, and boys. It's nonsense.

  • Fuck Fuzzy Elitism

    When will these body-hair evangelists, citing feminism as their cause (so blasphemous!), realize that being a fascist about fuzz doesn't make them Valerie Solanas? It makes them insecure screaming tyrants.

  • Sweden

    Two stunning and relatively hairy girls show us why being unshaven is the latest craze in Stockholm.