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Is Online Therapy as Effective as In-Person Therapy?

Here's how to know which mode of therapy could work better for you.
Suzannah Weiss
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Kali Uchis Attends Her Own Funeral in the Sumptuous New Video For “Get Up”

Merging two interludes from 'Isolation,' the clip is even further proof that Uchis is here to innovate.
Lauren O'Neill

The Way You Eat Pizza Says a Lot About You, According to Body Language Experts

Are you a driver, an influencer, a supporter, or a careful corrector? It all depends on whether you fold your pizza, use a knife and fork, or just dig in.
Munchies Staff
Body Language

In Every Murder, There Are Thousands of Tiny Witnesses

Insects have helped forensic scientists solve crimes for hundreds of years.
Shayla Love
Body Language

A Body Language Expert Decodes Kellyanne Conway’s Feet-on-Couch Scandal

After a photo of Kellyanne Conway sitting with her shoes on the Oval Office couch began to circulate on Twitter, we reached out to a body language expert to find out what this means, and how her move compares to some of Obama's tendencies.
Kimberly Lawson
You're Smarter Than That

Power Poses Might Actually Be Useless

A new study undermines the idea that you can fake it till you make it.
Dan Roe
Body Language

Why We Find Winking So Sexy

Whether its an emoji in a late night text or just a half-blink from across the room, a single wink can communicate a whole lot. We asked experts why closing one eye is a universal sign of flirtation.
Amanda Arnold

Decoding Body Language Could Save Your Next Date

It's more subtle than you think.
Madison Margolin

Premiere: Xan Young's "Passion" is the Latest Addition to Your Sexytime Playlist

Who knew getting friend-zoned could be so sultry?
Andrea Domanick

Psyche-Pop Trio American Royalty Made This Slammin' Remix of Body Language

The LA-to-Brooklyn transplants are set to play live in New York next week.

Jennifer Cupri's Jewelry Highlights The Subconscious Messages Of Body Language

<p>The US-based designer crafts jewelry to emphasize gesture-based communication.</p>
Megan Youngblood