Body Parts


We Asked People Which Part of Their Body They Like Most

A new survey says 75 percent of women aren't happy with the way they look. Fuck that.
Morgan Harries

How 'Dirty' Words Got Dirty

Want to know who the original Dick is? We sure did.
Devin Pacholik
Post Mortem

The Bizarre Crimes of Detroit's Underground Cadaver Dealer

Arthur Rathburn is accused of hacking up bodies with chainsaws and selling diseased body parts to medical conferences—just one example of the shady ongoings in the cadaver dealing industry.
Simon Davis

Pennsylvania Cops Are Looking for the Owner of a Mysterious Embalmed Head

The head was found in the middle of a field, but where it came from and how it got there are still a complete puzzle to the authorities.
Nick Keppler

A Visit to the Little Shop Where Hollywood Buys Its Dead Bodies

Dapper Cadaver is where the prop masters of your favorite movies and TV shows shop. Sure you could make your own corpses from scratch, but when there's a shop that offers medically realistic dead bodies, not just of humans, but of all creatures great...
Nate Miller

Could You Get Drunk Off a Drunk Person's Vomit?

We Ask The Hard Questions Because You're Probably Too Embarrassed.
Wendy Syfret
The History Issue

Chinese Natural History Museum

Last year, Belgian photojournalist Nick Hannes took a year off from shooting warzones all over the world and travelled from Antwerp to Vladivostok and somehow then ended up in Beijing.
Nick Hannes; Entrevista: Kasper Demeulemeester