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Meet the Team Investigating Human Rights Violations with Forensic Architecture

Eyal Weizman uses floor plans, cell phone footage, and road maps to reconstruct what happened in devastated war zones.
VICE Staff

Boko Haram Used 55 Girls As 'Human Bombs' This Year

Most of the girls in Nigeria were under 15 years of age; one even had a baby strapped to her.
Zing Tsjeng
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

A Former Weather Underground Member Explains Why Anti-Trump Violence Won't Work

Mark Rudd, a member of the infamous Weather Underground who later came to regret the group's bombings, told us that "anyone advocating political violence is either very stupid or a cop (or both)."
Harry Cheadle

We Asked Experts How France Will Respond to the Paris Terror Attacks

The government has already launched a series of police raids and bombed the Islamic State in Syria, but what's next?
Mark Hay

At Least 9 Killed in Bombing at Volleyball Match in Afghanistan

Nearly a year after a suicide bomber killed at least 57 people at a volleyball match in Paktika, Afghanistan, a match in the province was the target of another bombing.
Sean Newell

The Challenge of Identifying The Dead In a Disaster

After a large-scale disaster, one of the priorities is to identify the corpses, a task that often falls to a disaster-victim-identification expert.
Jack Callil

Rockets and Revenge

Hamas and other militant groups have been raining crude rockets into Israel since Operation Protective Edge launched last week—more than 1,000 at last count. VICE News heads there to get a feel for life under constant attack.
VICE Staff

Rockets and Revenge

The death toll in Gaza continues to grow as both the Israeli military and Palestinian militants show no signs of backing down.
VICE Staff

Corsicans Are Using Bombs to Protect Their Island Paradise

The island has changed hands a number of times over the centuries, being ruled by the Genoese, the French, the British, and by the Corsicans themselves. Now, the French are in charge, and there aren't many people who are particularly happy about that.
Johnny Miller

Libya Is Getting Better and Better for Teenage Arms Dealers

Clashes have broken out in Libya between militias as they clamor for power. A metaphor for Libya's infatuation with violence can be found in the changing of the wares for sale on Tripoli's Al Rashid Street. Innocuous fireworks have been replaced by...
Wil Crisp

Sympathy for the Beijing Airport Bomber

Years after Dongguan police beat Ji Zhongxing and left him paralyzed, he went to the Beijing Capital International Airport to hand out out leaflets regarding his grievances. When airport security officers approached him and asked him to stop, Ji held...
George Ding