bone marrow


Ancient Humans Basically Used Bones as Tupperware, Researchers Say

Further proof that nothing is more metal than ancient history.


These Sliders Will Be the Best Thing You Eat All Weekend

A perfect patty, bone marrow, homemade pickles, potato buns, and cheddar mayo add up to make these the best little burgers ever, courtesy of Chris Kronner from Kronnerburger.


Fergus Henderson Has Perfected the Art of All-Day Drinking

St. John founder and cheffing legend Fergus Henderson has a carefully honed drinking regime, starting with a morning Fernet Branca and ending with an “uplifting” gin and tonic.


Why You Should Never Order a Mojito in My Bar

I have no problem with a mojito but my problem is that it suggests that you don't want to read my menu. It's like going to an amazing restaurant and just eating burger and chips.


The Secret to Conquering Space Without it Killing Us First May Lie in Our Bones

A new Canadian study on the effects of microgravity is heading to the International Space Station this week.


Get a Taste of Matty Matheson's 'Keep It Canada' Dinner Menu

Prepare to drool all over your keyboard when you see the incredible seven-course menu that Matty Matheson created for his recent Keep It Canada dinner in Brooklyn.


Beef Sliders Recipe

A dank beef patty on a homemade potato bun with bone marrow bread crumbs and cheddar mayo.


This Was the Insane Menu at Last Night's Keep It Canada Dinner

Last night, MUNCHIES x HUF x Agenda hosted a 70-guest dinner at Brooklyn's Kinfolk that featured a seven-course menu created by chef and Keep It Canada host Matty Matheson.


Chef's Night Out: Quino Baca of Brooklyn Star

Brooklyn Star's Quino Baca and his crew hit their favorite New York spots, from Suzume for kimchi ramen and spam musubi to Chinatown for Peking duck. Then it's back to Brooklyn for late-night snacks.


Burgers Taste Better When You've Killed the Animal Yourself

After cooking in some of San Francisco's best restaurants, I've realized that the zen of making burgers is the culinary focus that I want to master. But it wasn't until I started slaughtering my own beef that I figured out the secret.


VICE Eats with Action Bronson at Marea

Chef Michael White cooks Action an elaborate six-course meal involving a decadent series of seafood dishes; everything from four styles of crudo to fusilli with red wine-braised octopus and bone marrow, hand-made lamb agnolotti, and five types of...


The Marrow

Going into this episode, I thought that because of Harold's experience with filming, this was going to be a piece of cake, and he would drop everything to tell the camera about how his love of cooking evolved from an early age, and blah blah blah, etc...