5 days ago

Ancient Humans Basically Used Bones as Tupperware, Researchers Say

Further proof that nothing is more metal than ancient history.


Nobody Knows Why Hundreds of People Died at This Creepy Himalayan Lake

Hundreds of people mysteriously died over a millennium at "Skeleton Lake" in the Himalayas according to a new study, making the creepy location even more mysterious.


Canadian Man Arrested After Allegedly Boiling Human Bones, Drinking the Cursed Broth

There are lots of ways to make bone broth, but none of them should start with robbing a grave.


Woman Having Worst Day Ever Swallows Spoon While Trying to Dislodge Fish Bone from Throat

Apparently, she's far from the first person to accidentally swallow an entire spoon.


The FBI Has No Idea Why This Old Man Had 2,000 Stolen Native American Bones

The guy had an extensive collection of cultural artifacts from around the world. He also had... a bunch of human bones?


Scientists Discover New Type of Blood Vessels In Our Bones

Human anatomy still contains many mysteries.


These Popular Instagram Accounts Are Selling Human Remains

People are racking up thousands of followers with picturesque images of skulls, shrunken heads, and babies in jars.


This Is the Effect Working Out Has on Your Bones

How active you are as a kid affects your bones forever.


I Turned My Own Jawbone Into Earrings

I wanted to make a part of myself into something wonderful.


This Art Made from Human Bones Will Make You Rethink Your Existence

New Zealand artist Bruce Mahalski celebrates life while warning of mankind's looming extinction.


'Bendy Bone,' Today's Comic by Paige Mehrer

While dissecting a fish, we find that the bones of some creatures are just too delicate.


Making Killer Pho Is Way Easier Than You Thought

This soup is loaded with great ingredients like Chinese cinnamon, star anise pods, fresh ginger, and scallions, but, according to Charles, what really sets a pho apart is lots and lots of bones.