Photo of Couple Boning on Top of Pyramids Prompts International Investigation

Egyptian authorities are investigating the photo posted by a Danish photographer, Andreas Hvid, that shows him and a model bumping uglies on the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Mack Lamoureux

People Told Us the Wildest Place They've Had Sex in Six Words

“In tube slide at a playground.”
Anna Goldfarb
Holy Shit

Australians Enjoyed Banging to the Star Wars Cantina Band More Than Anything Else Last Year

Because nothing is sexier than music for alien bar fights.
Phil Witmer
Holy Shit

Sex Just Leveled Up: Here’s Miguel Covering Beyoncé for the 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer

"You know I got the sauce." - Rihanna
Noisey Canada Staff

Sex O'Clock Special: Watch Govales's Very NSFW "All In" Video and Stream His New Project 'G-Spot'

Sex is not a but rather the major theme in Govales's music, which might be obvious based on the fact that his debut project is called 'G Spot.'
Kyle Kramer

What Music Do Sex Workers Like?

We went to a brothel and found out.
Alex Pompliano
Objectively Correct Lists

69 Songs That Are Unequivocally About Boning

69, heh heh, 69.
Ryan Bassil

I Went to a Gay Rodeo, and Now I Want to Bone Cowboys

I never liked rodeos, because I had never experienced the rugged masculinity of the true rural cowboy. But after a day of chatting with some gay horse riders at the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association's rodeo, the sex appeal of the cowboy became...
Grace Scott

You Can't Stop 'Til You Find My Love - A Valentine's Day YouTube Mix

Two ladies pick the best songs by ladies that prove that the ladies is freaks too.
VICE Staff
The Weird Science Issue

Aliens Do It Better

Boning an alien in real life has always remained a fantasy, but that will soon change when brothel owner Dennis Hof opens his “Alien Cathouse,” a sci-fi themed whorehouse down the road from Area 51.
Jamie Clifton
Pen Pals

Let a Prisoner Get Some Pussy

One of the most counterintuitive things about prisons in New York is that special sexytime conjugal visits are only allowed at maximum-security prisons.
Bert Burykill

Can Twin Shadow Help Increase Interracial Boning?

One day you’re dreaming about being seduced by Twin Shadow, the next day you wake up next to a guy named Lamone Johnson.
Wilbert L. Cooper