Lena Waithe Discusses the Difficulty of Losing Black Heroes in the #MeToo Era

An upcoming episode of her show 'Boomerang' tackles complex debates in the black community around fallen icons like Bill Cosby.
Taylor Hosking

The ‘Halo Drive’ Would Shoot Lasers at Black Holes to Explore the Milky Way

“If we can’t build something capable of delivering astronomical levels of energy, perhaps we could instead steal the energy from an astronomical object.”
Becky Ferreira

Lena Waithe Made a Love Story for Black Millennials

The executive producer of BET's 'Boomerang' says that for her 'black people are love.'
Alex Zaragoza
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'Target Teresa' Harassed Black Shoppers and Told Them 'You Don't Belong Here'

"I know you’re trained on lying. You’re perfect for the court system because you’re trained liars."
River Donaghey
Performance Art

Guerrilla Performance Artists Hurl Heavy Slabs of Steel at Each Other

Choreographed steel-throwing explores the complex relationship between the body and its burdens in video and performance, 'For the toward.'
Andrew Nunes

Desus & Mero Do PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Miami

VICELAND stars Desus & Mero meet up with The Creators Project's Emerson Rosenthal to tour the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Miami.
The Creators Project

Vegans Are Pissed at This Meat Ad for Torching Kale

A new video advert from Meat & Livestock Australia features a bowl of kale being torched by a flame-thrower-wielding SWAT team—and the vegans aren’t happy.
Phoebe Hurst
short circuit

Our Lives Are Too Boring to GIF

Do GIFmaking apps fail to address how we really use GIFs?
Rachel Pick
The Blobby Boys & Friends

Special Delivery

The Blobby Boys are a gang of slime people who are in a band that acts like a gang. In this enthralling episode, Adrian buys a boomerang off Amazon.
Alex Schubert
Motherboard Blog

Behold the Coldest Place in the Universe

It's a balmy single degree Kelvin.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Toolbox: Sending Email from the Past and Future with Boomerang

h4. Hey sailor, welcome to Toolbox. This is the place where Motherboard’ll be telling you every week about this or that bit of software that you really need to have on your computer or phone-computer now. Requirements for something to be in our toolbox...
Michael Byrne