The Belfie Stick Lets People Photograph Their Butts, Because People Want to Do That

This 40-inch retractable and bendable rod allows users to capture their ass on camera with little physical effort.


Pornhub's New Study Proves Americans Love Watching Anal Porn

Pornhub Insights, the smut giant’s data department, conducted a study about Pornhub users' anal porn consumption, discovering who has users' favorite asshole and which state watches the most booty porn on the site.


Tour the Real Miami Underground with House Gangster Jesse Perez

While you're shirtless at Space, this Jackathon jam master is eating empanadas with apes.


Figure Skating Ruins Lives

To many Americans, figure skaters are real-life Disney princesses, but many skaters' lives are filled with financial failure, abusive parents, and drug issues.


Miley Cyrus Needs to Take an African American Studies Class

Miley Cyrus's latest video feels like a blatant example of gross cultural appropriation, akin to the Pat Boones and Elvises of yesteryear. I talked to Ohio University's Professor Akil Houston about all the ways Cyrus's idea of "blackness" was...


Listen to Bad Rabbits' Aggressive Boogie Joint, "Doin' It"

We talked to drummer Sheel Davé about playing the 311 cruise, bringing the power of booty-R&B to Inauguration Weekend, and their upcoming college tour with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki.