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Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Dancing Is Now a Meme, and She’s in on It

"It is not normal for elected officials to have a reputation for dancing well, and I'm happy to be one."


Boston University Hockey Announcer Goes Absolutely Bonkers on Goal Call

This truly is one of the greatest hockey calls you'll ever hear.


How Football Pulled The Trigger: Zack Langston's Family Reflects On His Tragically Short Life

Former Division II football player Zack Langston died at age 26 with CTE, the same brain disease found in Junior Seau and the subject of the film "Concussion."


Boston University Goalie Gives Championship Away on Incredible Blunder

Boston University Goalie gives up brutal own goal to give away NCAA Championship.


A Nasdaq for Bitcoin: VICE News Interviews the Winklevoss Twins About the Future of Cryptocurrency

The brothers — famous for suing Mark Zuckerberg over the creation of Facebook — plan to launch the first regulated US bitcoin exchange later this year.


US Marshals to Auction Off Bitcoins Worth $17M from Silk Road Bust

Qualified individuals will have 12 hours to bid on more than $17 million worth of the cryptocurrency in an online auction on June 27.


The Fred Sasaki Ultimate Fund

I tried to get Boston University to build a statue in my likeness.