We Asked Young People Why They’re into Botox

“The younger generation understands what you see online is not real. But they’re more willing to look not-real because that’s what they’ve grown up with.”
Mica Lemiski
I Tried it

My Teeth Grinding Changed the Shape of My Face

Botox could potentially treat both my bruxism and the underlying trauma that may have caused it—so I gave it a try.
Emi Nietfeld

This Body Modder Wants to Turn Herself into a Sex Doll

The 27-year-old told VICE how she got into what she calls "bimbofication" and why she sees plastic surgery as a form of empowerment.
VICE Staff
The yes man

I Did Ridiculous Face Exercises in an Attempt to Look Younger

Could 'Exorcist'-like facial contortions really shave years off my appearance?
Grant Stoddard
The yes man

I Tried Facial Fillers So I Could Look More Manly

Apparently, a more masculine face is just a few injections away.
Grant Stoddard
The yes man

I Botoxed My Balls to Make Them Look Nicer

Like a couple of smooth, round river rocks swaying in a silk handkerchief.
Grant Stoddard

Botox Could Be the New Penis Wonder Drug

As long as guys are cool with having a needle stuck in their junk.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
We Asked

We Asked Young People Why They Use Botox

Can't escape the Kardashian Effect.
Joanne Spataro

Fill Me In: How Botox Became a Beloved Toxin

From its origin as a deadly toxin in fast food, to a polarizing beauty procedure, to a miraculous migraine cure, botulinum toxin has come a long way.
Rosemary Donahue

Iraqi Women Are Getting Angry-Looking Eyebrows Tattooed on Their Faces

The brows have become status symbols, a way to demonstrate one's wealth and pride in appearance.
Triska Hamid

I Went to a D-List Celebrity Botox Party

Hanging out with a fame-hungry Kim Kardashian lookalike, a parody singer, the “Butt King of New York,” a tequila-selling Mafia wife, and the girl who got kicked off <i>Jersey Shore</i> for being too unstable.
Mitchell Sunderland
Motherboard Blog

New Book: Botox Makes You Happier Because It Keeps You from Frowning

If you can't frown, the logic goes, it makes you less unhappy. But maybe we're just crying on the inside.
Austin Considine