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T-Mobile ‘Put My Life in Danger’ Says Woman Stalked With Black Market Location Data

Telecom giants are giving up customers' real-time location data to stalkers and bounty hunters. Now, Motherboard speaks to a victim.
Joseph Cox
a day ago

The Connection Between a Deadly Gunfight and Phone Location Data

In the span of six seconds and 20 gunshots and three dead bodies hit the ground of a Nissan dealership in Texas. And somebody was tracking one of their cell phones remotely.
Motherboard Staff

Stalkers and Debt Collectors Impersonate Cops to Trick Big Telecom Into Giving Them Cell Phone Location Data

In several cases, a stalker impersonated a US Marshal and reported a fake kidnapping in order to get telecom companies to give them real-time cell phone location data.
Joseph Cox

Hundreds of Bounty Hunters Had Access to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Customer Location Data for Years

Documents show that bail bond companies used a secret phone tracking service to make tens of thousands of location requests.
Joseph Cox

I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone

T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are selling access to their customers’ location data, and that data is ending up in the hands of bounty hunters and others not authorized to possess it, letting them track most phones in the country.
Joseph Cox
The Borders Issue

This ATV-Riding Immigrant Hunter Is the New Face of Europe's Far Right

Thirty-year-old former wrestler and scrapyard owner Dinko Valev rose to international notoriety after uploading cellphone videos of his migrant hunting in the remote, mountainous Strandzha region of Bulgaria.
Aaron Lake Smith

What It's Like to Be a Female Bounty Hunter in Las Vegas

"People underestimate me, but that can be good for my job," says Uyen Vu.
سامانثا ريا

Envoy - Part 1

Do you ever feel like sci-fi comics were best before the mid 80s and long for the days of Heavy Metal and Omni? If so check out this guy Lane Milburn's new comic.
Lane Milburn
The True Crime Issue

The Golden Zone: Hunting a Hit Man in Mexico

We were hunting a man who was paid to kill people, he was bisexual. His preferred weapon was an Uzi submachine gun that left its victims nearly unidentifiable. He was employed by a powerful organization with a lot of money to spend and even more to...
Andre Dubus III
What I Learned About Style…

What I Learned about Style from Angel Haze’s “Echelon (It's My Way)”

Using tatted-up and scarred guys as accessories probably only works when you’re a female rapper who spits fire this hot.
Tshepo Mokoena
The Cultural Atrocities Issue

Killers of Serpents

Justin's mission is to kill Burmese pythons, which can grow as long as 20 feet. He is one of 1,400 people who have signed up to hunt, shoot, and decapitate as many of the snakes as they can in a month as part of Florida’s first-ever Python Challenge.
Jed Lipinski

Meet Carl Tanner: Bounty Hunter, Trucker, Operatic Tenor

He packed a sawed-off shotgun back in his bounty hunting days and carried it right out in front so everyone could see. Under his black leather jacket was a 9mm Beretta, and on his ankle a .25, just in case. “I was in my late 20s,” Carl Tanner began. He...
Roc Morin