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Bourbon Street Strippers Are Fighting Intrusive Regulations

Interviews with the New Orleans sex workers who came out in force to protest a rash of recent strip club shutdowns.
Brooke Sauvage
Avery L. White
Stripper Rights

New Orleans Strippers Crash Press Conference, Protesting Club Closures

After eight strip clubs on Bourbon Street were shut down in human trafficking raids, a group of out-of-work strippers took to the streets to protest.
Linda Yang

The Chaos and Beauty of Carnival in New Orleans

I wandered the streets of the Big Easy for 12 days, taking photos of the manic energy of the city in the run-up to Mardi Gras.
Avery White

How Does Mardi Gras Affect the New Orleans Sex Economy?

Hundreds of millions of dollars flow into the city for the annual celebration, but do sex workers benefit from that orgy of spending? I talked to some strippers and escorts to find out.
April Adams

Bourbon Street's Campy Cocktails Transcend Taste

There are things you can’t get at quiet cocktail bars far removed from the chaos of New Orleans. For one, you’ll never have a man who’s holding a bible scream in your face, or watch a bartender pour a shot of Fireball into a guy’s mouth and then...
Phil McCausland
the vice reader

The Underbelly of New Orleans's Rich Musical Scene

An excerpt from 'New Orleans: The Underground Guide.'
Michael Patrick Welch
Neither Big nor Easy

The Music Lover’s Guide to the New Orleans Elections

The city is famous for its music, but in recent years a number of politicians have sided with groups calling for clubs and bars to turn down the volume, resulting in protests and calls to elect some new, music-friendly leaders.
Michael Patrick Welch